Stephanie Towns – Dreamgirl Cycle 4 Top 2

Here’s what our finalist for this cycle has to say about her Dreamgirl journey:

It was a friend of mine that suggested I audition for StyleCulture’s Dreamgirl, Cycle 4. I’d tried to get into modelling before but was so much more sceptical about the idea of competing against other girls to win. This however, couldn’t have been a sillier thing to worry about. All of the girls were so lovely and down to earth that it hardly even felt like a competition. Going into the photo shoots at first was daunting but Dorin and Jeff are just so relaxed and easy to work with, cracking jokes and making you feel comfortable even when you’re struggling to hold a pose. This took a lot of pressure off the photo shoots making them fun rather than stressful.

Dorin always told us not to worry if we didn’t make it through, but this didn’t stop any of us from spending the following day glued to our Facebook pages waiting for the photos to be posted along with the results. I think the main thing I have learnt from this competition is that every one is beautiful and to have the confidence to show it.

Initially when I entered the competition I had no idea what I was doing and was really not expecting to go far. I would leave the photo shoots feeling disappointed in my self and expecting not to be back for the next round. The StyleCulture crew obviously saw something in me though, and this really built up my confidence which is something I am truly grateful for. Overall the StyleCulture, Dreamgirl experience has been so much fun and I am really excited to get involved further in the modelling and fashion industry.

StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM RADIANT - StephanieStyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM STRONG Steph StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM TENDER Steph StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM PRECIOUS - Steph StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM BEAUTIFUL - Steph


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