Krystal-Jane Mosley – Dreamgirl Cycle 4 Top 2

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Here’s what our finalist for this cycle has to say about her Dreamgirl journey:

I came into this competition not expecting to learn what I have learnt in the past few weeks. StyleCulture has been wonderful, always there to support us and guide us through this journey. They have taught me everything from the small movements, positioning and chin techniques to things like expressing emotions through your eyes and how to use the lighting to your advantage.

Dorin’s love of makeup is starting to rub off onto me. I am more aware of colours and have picked up some useful tips. I used to be quite afraid of makeup and did not know how to apply eye shadows or fake eyelashes properly.

Dorin and the girls were lovely. They have all helped me feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin. They have also taught me that there is no such thing as one generic look to be beautiful!

Before this competition it was quite hard to photograph me, I hated cameras and the only photos I have are usually from when I was drunk. It has been a great learning curve for me. I under estimated myself and was quite naïve.

I’m glad I entered and committed myself to this competition to prove to myself that I can put myself out there, whether I win or lose. My confidence level has increased immensely! I’m spiritually, mentally and socially more confident with my new found self. I’m more relaxed around cameras. I love seeing the results week after week and I’m still amazed I have come this far.

Overall it has been an amazing experience. I didn’t think photography could do so much for someone, especially myself. This journey was fun, exciting and filled with wonderfully interesting people. I can not imagine doing anything else with my Sunday afternoons and I will miss this. It really was a one-off opportunity for me.

StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM RADIANT - Krystal-Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM STRONG Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM TENDER - Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM PRECIOUS - Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM BEAUTIFUL - Jane


Stephanie Towns – Dreamgirl Cycle 4 Top 2

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Here’s what our finalist for this cycle has to say about her Dreamgirl journey:

It was a friend of mine that suggested I audition for StyleCulture’s Dreamgirl, Cycle 4. I’d tried to get into modelling before but was so much more sceptical about the idea of competing against other girls to win. This however, couldn’t have been a sillier thing to worry about. All of the girls were so lovely and down to earth that it hardly even felt like a competition. Going into the photo shoots at first was daunting but Dorin and Jeff are just so relaxed and easy to work with, cracking jokes and making you feel comfortable even when you’re struggling to hold a pose. This took a lot of pressure off the photo shoots making them fun rather than stressful.

Dorin always told us not to worry if we didn’t make it through, but this didn’t stop any of us from spending the following day glued to our Facebook pages waiting for the photos to be posted along with the results. I think the main thing I have learnt from this competition is that every one is beautiful and to have the confidence to show it.

Initially when I entered the competition I had no idea what I was doing and was really not expecting to go far. I would leave the photo shoots feeling disappointed in my self and expecting not to be back for the next round. The StyleCulture crew obviously saw something in me though, and this really built up my confidence which is something I am truly grateful for. Overall the StyleCulture, Dreamgirl experience has been so much fun and I am really excited to get involved further in the modelling and fashion industry.

StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM RADIANT - StephanieStyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM STRONG Steph StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM TENDER Steph StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM PRECIOUS - Steph StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM BEAUTIFUL - Steph

Nicole Gomes – StyleCulture Model 2010 Top 3

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StyleCulture has been a great experience and a stepping stone to the dream I always wanted to pursue. I have not done any photoshoots before so it was an eye opener for me. In my opinion a good model should be confident and StyleCulture has helped me boost my confidence even more. SC has definitely helped me learn a lot more about the modeling industry. They have also given me a lot of good feedback which is very helpful for me in the near future. Thanks StyleCulture for this beautiful experience. Nicole Gomes




Angela Pan – StyleCulture Model 2010 Top 3

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Modeling has always been a dream of mine that I was too scared to touch and didn’t think it was possible for me to succeed in. Seeing the entries of StyleCulture Model Search 2010 made my heart flip and decided that I would give it a go and see how far I’d get in the competition.
Up until today, I am still extremely grateful of how much I have achieved, and StyleCulture has really impacted my life by letting me know I CAN achieve in something that I love.
Before I heard about this competition, it was all about me awing over models in magazines and posing in front of the mirror pretending to be some supermodel (hahah!) But thanks to the opportunity given by StyleCulture, I can now too produce pictures that OTHER people can awe over :P, but at the same time learn that being beautiful, you need to have the right attitude and think that you really are a beautiful person.

The key thing StyleCulture has taught me is that you have to have fun while doing this. Even though we have had 8-9 hour photo shoots, the non stop laughter and chattering has made me realize StyleCulture isn’t just about beauty, but also about being a positive person and be true to yourself and others. The real beauty is all about being who you are then portraying this through your photographs.

What a huge impact StyleCulture Model Search 2010 has impacted my life! Always giving me something to look forward to. ♥

Natasha Fagan – StyleCulture Model 2010

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StyleCulture Model 2010 WinnerThe Styleculture Model Search has been such an amazing journey. When I first joined I was not too sure what to expect, this being the first competition on this kind that I have ever entered. But it has been such a blessing and a joyful experience. I was so overjoyed to make it in to the top 10, and being a generally shy person, I was so glad to have made new friends from this competition. As the competition wore on and the group of girls decreased, I realized that this competition really means a lot to me and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

Being a wife and a mother with two kids, I sometimes tend to loose the true essence of myself and take on the roles which are my responsibility and the StyleCulture model search has been such a blessing because its something that I am truly doing for myself (with the support of my family) and it has helped me rediscover myself and I have looked forward to every round with enthusiasm. I have gained so much more self confidence in myself than I had before.

The StyleCulture model search has sometimes put me out of my comfort zone, like when we did the catwalk for the Malaysia Day fashion show I was extremely nervous, because its not something that I felt before that I had the confidence to do and would never have done it if StyleCulture had not arranged it. And even though my walk looked like I was somewhat frozen in terror hahaha I’m still glad for the experience. It has shown me that there is so much potential within myself and I am eager to discover more. This competition has given me so much opportunity that I would have otherwise never had, every round has been exciting and different. From the body painting round with world renowned artist Yolanda Bartram to putting me in a beautiful wedding gown for the wedding shoot and stealing us away to a secret location.

At every round StyleCulture has pampered me with hair and makeup and the photo-shoots with studio81 were always fun, relax but still professional. I have enjoyed every shoot and from this competition I will not only take away new friends and fabulous photos =) But a higher self-esteem and everything I do from now I do with a greater confidence that even my family have noticed so thank you StyleCulture!!

Natasha Fagan

Mike & Ava’s Wedding

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Here’s a photo montage video of Mike & Ava’s wedding. We had a great time celebrating with them at their parents place in Orewa. Ava had specially requested for bright red lips to go with the red theme of the wedding. It turned out really beautiful and matched Mike’s shirt perfectly.

Estee Lauder GWP Promo

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Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase at Life Pharmacy, Glenfield. 8th – 26th July 2009.

I had a fantastic Gift Time. It was my first GWP experience and a very successful one indeed. So what is an Estee Lauder GWP? Basically, you buy any 2 products and you get the gift which consist of a bag and a 7 pc miniatures of skincare, makeup and fragrance.

So how did Styleculture come in the picture for GWP? When a customer buy the 3rd product, 2 being skincare, they get a free makeover with the latest Spring makeup by Estee Lauder – ‘Fuschia Now’ and photoshoot by Jeff Chan Photography. _DSC0940 We had 4 Saturdays in August fully booked and saw 25 women transformed into stars with the new makeup look and working it in front of the camera. This is a fantastic idea as it helped generated some Estee Lauder makeup sales during the makeovers. *wink wink* It didn’t take these beautiful ladies long to warm up in front of the camera – despite having the photoshoot  right in the front of the store. So what’s next?

Stay tune for happenings in September. We will be featuring in Viva – wedding section on the 9th September so check it out. Can’t thank you enough for your wonderful support. =)

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