Krystal-Jane Mosley – Dreamgirl Cycle 4 Top 2

Here’s what our finalist for this cycle has to say about her Dreamgirl journey:

I came into this competition not expecting to learn what I have learnt in the past few weeks. StyleCulture has been wonderful, always there to support us and guide us through this journey. They have taught me everything from the small movements, positioning and chin techniques to things like expressing emotions through your eyes and how to use the lighting to your advantage.

Dorin’s love of makeup is starting to rub off onto me. I am more aware of colours and have picked up some useful tips. I used to be quite afraid of makeup and did not know how to apply eye shadows or fake eyelashes properly.

Dorin and the girls were lovely. They have all helped me feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin. They have also taught me that there is no such thing as one generic look to be beautiful!

Before this competition it was quite hard to photograph me, I hated cameras and the only photos I have are usually from when I was drunk. It has been a great learning curve for me. I under estimated myself and was quite naïve.

I’m glad I entered and committed myself to this competition to prove to myself that I can put myself out there, whether I win or lose. My confidence level has increased immensely! I’m spiritually, mentally and socially more confident with my new found self. I’m more relaxed around cameras. I love seeing the results week after week and I’m still amazed I have come this far.

Overall it has been an amazing experience. I didn’t think photography could do so much for someone, especially myself. This journey was fun, exciting and filled with wonderfully interesting people. I can not imagine doing anything else with my Sunday afternoons and I will miss this. It really was a one-off opportunity for me.

StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM RADIANT - Krystal-Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM STRONG Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM TENDER - Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM PRECIOUS - Jane StyleCulture Dreamgirl - I AM BEAUTIFUL - Jane


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